Dark Crimson Tavern is a one stop place for finding a good place to chat, drink and fight. You will find a fully stocked bar as you enter the Tavern, with plenty of seats and a warm atmosphere where you can sit back, relax and socialise with regulars and newcomers alike.

Fancy getting involved in a brawl? Head on down to the basement where you'll find The Pit. Blow off some steam with another contender with either your fists or weapon of choice.

We also have a bathing area upstairs that is open to the public for those who want to soak in some tonics to soothe themselves after a tough fight.


Atheza Dark - Co-owner and Head of Security.

Keldion Aergwilf - Co-owner and Booktaker.

Victor Kha - Healer

Breenaii Liisa - Healer

Doe Doshin - Announcer/Referee

Roroharu Susuharu - Bartender

Boen Dark, Co-owner and Founder of Dark Crimson Tavern.

Erisamuna Draconi - Co-owner and Announcer/Referee.

Tranyc Jate'kara - Healer.

Aiswylda Swyroeganwyn - Chef.

Khaida Ahmahno - Greeter/Hostess

Kiah Rue - Bartender


The rules for fighting are pretty straight forward:

-Fighting posts are to be done in /yell or /shout - depending on the pit you enter, listen to the designated Announcer for which chat you will be in.

-Both fighters /random and the person with the higher roll goes first
-Fighter A will write out their attack as an attempt and then /random
-Fighter B will /random and if they roll higher than Fighter A, they successfully block/dodge the attack. If they roll lower, then the attack succeeds.
-Based on the outcome of the roll, Fighter B will write out their reaction (Dodging, getting hit, etc) and then write out their counter attack.
-Rinse and repeat
-3 hits to win


1. Person A does their attack roll.
2. If Person B's defense roll is 500 or more HIGHER than Person A's attack roll, they can try for a counter attack.
3. Person A and B both roll again as if it is an attack roll by Person B (Person B goes first)
4. If the attack roll succeeds, Person B gets a point and RPs the counter attack as a success.
5. Person B proceeds to their next attack turn as normal and the fight continues.


A: tries to kick them in the head
A rolls 120
B rolls 750
(counter attack)
B rolls 800
A rolls 600
B: Grabs them by the foot and tosses them into the wall, then rushes forward to attempt a kick to their chest.
B rolls 300
A rolls 560

(Person B gets a point for the successful counter attack, but misses their normal attack roll. The points in this situation would be 1-0 with Person B in the lead.)

If Person A's defense roll were 500 or more higher than Person B's normal attack roll, they could also roll for a counter attack.

If a counter attack roll fails, the attempt is ignored and the fight proceeds as usual. You can not get a counter attack by rolling a high defense on a counter attack roll.

2v2 Rules

-Both pairs will /random and the pair with the higher combined number goes first (which of them posts first is for them to decide privately.
-Each person in the pair will write out an attack:
----If it is aimed at a specific person, that person will /random to dodge.
----If it is an AOE, both opponents will roll to dodge, but their roll gets a +100 added to it since AOEs are less precise.
-Pairs can choose to combine their attacks into a sort of combo 2 times per match (The details can be worked out between them in tells) and combine their rolls to increase the chance of success.
-Opponents can choose to dodge individually or combine their rolls in some kind of combo dodge/block (get creative)
-Each person can get hit 3 times before they are out of the fight. Should one partner get knocked out, the other will continue on their own.
-NOTE: If one fighter is attacked and fails their defense roll, their partner can attempt to block for them, but their roll gets a -100.

FIGHTS HAVE A 20MIN TIME LIMIT! We do this so that everyone can get a chance to fight and also to avoid drawn out dodge battles. At the end of the 20min, if no one has won, then the person in the lead will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the two fighters will roll to determine the winner. The timer begins once the first fighter posts.

These rules are subject to change and the final call comes down to the ref so don't be a baby if you lose. We don't keep diapers on hand.

Please don't enter the fighting pit until told to do so by the Ref! We will keep a list of fighters and call you up in order of who entered first. If you wish to fight someone specific please let the Ref know so we can pair you with them!